As I stated in class, most information can be obtained in the library books I have brought in.  These websites will save you time in your search for more information.  If you find another site that you think should be added let me know.  I will check it and if it is added you will receive a small token of appreciation.



 Apache (scroll down for links) (scroll down for many links)


Cheyenne (scroll down for links)


Comanche (scroll down for links)   (scroll way down for links) (scroll down for links) (links)



Sioux  links too

Lakota Sioux (scroll down for links) (Lewis and Clark’s interpretations)

Ogallala Sioux


Links to all (scroll down for links to your tribe, Cheyenne is further down)   (Plains Indians timeline)



Chiefs  (small entry on most, some with more links)


Black Kettle




Crazy Horse




Sitting Bull


Quanah Parker


Big Foot


Red Cloud


Dull Knife


Tall Bull






Wounded Knee Museum